3 Digital Marketing Trends of 2015


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3 of the most trending digital marketing strategy principles of 2015

If you are active in the digital domain, you most certainly know that it is fast-paced, but also very changing. With new trends, revolutions and ideas coming along, every business should know how to maximise its potential and adapt to the trends.

Whether you are looking for a digital marketing agency in Ireland, the US or anywhere in the world, you should know that coming up in the right way digitally, certainly needs an a planning process.

2015 is considered to be a year with a lot of digital changes. From design to end user-experience and a little bit of getting out of the comfort zone – it definitely shuttered the digital world and led us to new experiences. We’ve had Google change the algorithm several times, and in April they announced the new penalty where older sites are not deemed to be “mobile-friendly websites”. There are always going to be changes within digital marketing channels.

So ‘How to adapt to the new trends?’, or more importantly ‘What are the new digital marketing trends’ – we have answers below.

  1. Socialising your efforts

Well 2015 is almost over, and you must know one thing – today, people love interacting with brands. From simple messages to sweepstakes and award winning games, you can sharpen up your social skills and consistently engage with your audience. Not only you will adapt to the trends – you will also deliver an image of a reputable brand knowing how to communicate with its consumers. Social media should be used to communicate with your audience. Answer their questions, ease their pain. Don’t simply shout “BUY ME!”

  1. Social re-marketing

Again mentioning the social way, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter can be your next channel of re-marketing – following your ideal customer around the web – yes we have all seen this. Setting up similar audiences to your product or service, cloning their “likeness” and then targeting interested consumers has been simplified – with Facebook, you can advertise and definitely get involved with more and more customers. People love following and adapting to brands similar to the ones they like – and if done correctly, your brand could be the ultimate one-stop-shop for them quickly.

  1. Email marketing

Many businesses have lost the real idea behind email marketing – and don’t know how to interact and grab the attention with nice emails. In our last post we mentioned that the current trend is to create video, but spicing up the email game can bring you new traffic and definitely revenue in the end. And easier to convert an audience when you have their ear. Emails are made to be attention-grabbers, so your digital marketing strategy should definitely include them. With compelling content and graphics, and obviously nice subjects, you can boost up your email campaign and definitely adapt to the trend of communicating with the target market in the right way.

In the end, the trends for 2015 and into 2016 on digital marketing strategy are considered to be the more user-experience based – which is what Google wants, from clean responsive website designs, easy end user navigation, and clean clear social media, engaging posts, that are not pushy will build your brand – natuarally.


Again, I appreciate any feedback you guys have.

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