Digital Marketing Strategy

Are you a small business without an online presence – maybe you have a website, but have no idea who’s visiting, or what the volume of visitors to your website might be. Digital Marketing is the process of targeting your preferred audience, engaging with them over digital channels and eventually convert them to a customer. You first thing you need to do is begin the process of creating a digital marketing strategy.

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The Process

A Digital Marketing Strategy is implemented at the beginning of the process. This involves putting research into your business’ potential market, analyzing your competitors online presence and identify your target audience. This includes a SWOT analysis – Strengths of your business, weakness within the business, opportunities presented online, and the threats from your competitors. Having an “digital marketing strategy” or “online strategy” in place is absolutely vital for the growth of your business. This digital strategy sets up your vision of what you want to achieve and works parallel to your existing marketing plan. At this stage we will set targets and goals to help achieve them by. We would setup our measurement platform to gather the information. At this stage we would progress onto choosing the correct digital channels.

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